How a mentor gave hope to a cage fighting Roma teen


My role as a learning mentor for disenfranchised young learners that have not assimilated into mainstream education for whatever has entitled me to meet and interact with some 'interesting' young people to put it succinctly. 

By Reaz Rahman | 25 August 2014

The anti-Roma bigotry in Europe


Roma people (including Travellers, Gypsies, Manouches, Ashkali, Sinti etc) have been an essential part of the European civilisation for more than a thousand years. They are currently the largest ethnic minority in Europe with an estimated population of 10 to 12 million. Despite these figures, the Roma are still victims of wide spread discrimination and entrenched social exclusion. The majority...
By Gülüş Egilmez | 10 November 2013

“Denial of the Right to Education to Romani Children”


On Wednesday 28th November 2012 I attended a talk on behalf of Restless Beings at Essex Human Rights Centre entitled “Denial of the Right to Education to Romani Children” delivered by Victoria Vasey, Legal Director at the European Roma Rights Centre.
The talk discussed the landmark decision of the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human
Rights in DH and Others v Czech Republic and the situation in the Czech Republic 5 years on. The
issues raised by the case are symptomatic of many of the educational difficulties faced by the Roma in Central and Eastern Europe today, which feed into the problems faced in the UK.
By Kelly Reeve | 10 December 2012

Roma Rights: Who are the Roma?

Accurately defining the term “Roma” is a challenging, almost formidable task. There is no universally accepted definition, and the term is often used interchangeably with “Rroma”, “Gypsy”, “Traveller”, “Romani”, “Sinti”, “Ashkali”, “Manouches”, “Kalé” and other titles. This is problematic for a number of reasons.

Firstly, incorrect usage creates and perpetuates harmful stereotypes in society. For example, the media have frequently used the term “gypsy” instead of “Gypsy” displaying ignorance of their cultural identity as a recognised ethnic group. Additionally, some Roma people object to the use of the term “Gypsy” altogether perceiving it as derogatory and inaccurately linked to “Egyptian” where it was once believed Roma people had originated from.

By Kelly Reeve | 03 December 2012

The next phase of our Roma Engage Project


Since the Roma Trail Campaign last year, we have been busy with our Restless Beings Roma project researching and building links with the community in the UK, all in line for an exciting project to be revealed in 2013!

Over the coming months we’ll be publishing a series of articles explaining the various issues faced by the Roma in the UK in more detail, whilst describing and evaluating the various legal and social strategies designed to tackle them.

By Kelly Reeve | 02 December 2012

U.N. experts call for concrete action on Roma Holocaust Remembrance Day


SIXTY-EIGHT years ago to this day 3,000 Hungarian Roma were massacred in the Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camps during the holocaust. Today experts warn that their discrimination is being perpetuated with the ill treatment of Roma (Gypsies) in Europe escalating.

The independent experts on minority issues insisted that Roma Holocaust Remembrance Day, 2nd of August, should be marked with “commitment to confronting modern-day hatred, violence and discrimination against Roma and find real solutions to their persistent exclusion.”

By Rrita Reçica | 03 August 2012

Berlin's Roma Village


Over 600 Roma people from Bucharest will be housed in a newly renovated apartment complex in the German suburb of Neukoelln, Berlin.

The initiative, project managed by Benjamin Marx, hopes to integrate over 100 families into the city that was once host to plans of their mass genocide during the Second World War. The project is the work of a Catholic foundation that hopes to rid the Roma of their negative image in the eyes of the German public, a quarter of whom - when surveyed in 2008 - said they would feel uncomfortable having a Roma neighbour.

By Rrita Reçica | 23 July 2012

New wall creates fears of Roma "ghetto"

Following years of discrimination, it is no surprise that the erection of a concrete wall separating the Roma community from the general Romanian public has caused controversy. The Mayor of the Romanian municipality in which the wall was built claims that it serves as a traffic accident diversion, while human rights groups fear that it has created a de facto ghetto situation, effectively...

By Rrita Reçica | 22 July 2012

Free Roma Day


On the 31st of May 2011, the Medway Ethnic Minority Forum organised a 'Free Roma Day' in Chatham, Kent. The event was attended by various organisations who delivered workshops including a health and lifestyle team and the waste collection service among several others. The intention of the event was to make the Roma community in Medway aware of the services and amenities available to them through council schemes and deaprtments. After my colleague Zakirah and I spoke to the chairman of the Ethnic Minority Forum, I understood that this was an initiative in its early stages, and one of significant importance as the chairman felt that the forum had done much work with and for other minority communities who were now established, and the Roma community had a long way to go until we could reach the same conclusion.

By Jamal Mehmood | 21 June 2011