Remember Rohingya; A Restless Beings Report


Restless Beings have been working with the stateless Rohingya community of Burma, since May 2010 to voice their struggles and work together towards a future free from oppression and marginalisation.

Through unfortunate circumstances, it was through the eruption of violence in Arakan in May 2012 that instigated a spotlight to be shone on the Rohingya struggles. Restless Beings, after receiving disturbing and unimaginable on the ground reports, believed atrocities akin to genocide, ethnic cleansing and xenophobia were occurring, yet we were criticised for using such terms. However, as more reports of international organisations are published, their results show exactly this kind of violence and now; more people worldwide are beginning to see the true ugliness revealed.

Fresh Wave of Attacks on Rohingya Village

Reports emerged overnight over a new wave of attacks on Aung Mingla village of Sittwe in Burma.  The Rohingya majority village was first surveilled by army and then later surrounded by a large gathering of Rakhine community leaders and monks at around 2pm on Friday 28th Septmeber.

Our sources first reported of minor scuffles and arguments at around 4pm (GMT) on Friday and these...

Nowhere To Go - Restless Beings facilitates documentary on Rohingya

Since the outbreak of violence in Arakan in June erlier this year, Restless Beings has been working tirelessly with media agencies across the world to try and get the accounts of brutal human rights violations and gross violence used against the Rohingya in Burma.

Having managed to facilitate exclusive reports for Channel 4 and for Al Jazeera and having worked alongside the likes of...

Arakan three months on; Violence Remains but Rohingya are still Hopeful


Despite recent news of the violence in Arakan easing, danger continues to loom over the lives of the Rohingya.  Exclusive updates from our sources in Arakan have revealed the bleak situation, showing little prospect of improvement, a summer of the worlds attention and campaigning being in vain. Our sources disclosed to us that the authorities continue to arrest, loot, torture and kill.

Tariq Ramadan discusses the Rohingya crisis with Mabrur Ahmed

This summer has seen a systematic sweep of terror against the Rohingya surfacing deep rooted marginsalisation and racism against the Rohingya, a Muslim ethnic minority, in Myanmar or Burma. Living as a stateless community, they have struggled in silence as the Burmese state continue to prohibit their freedom to live as citizens; without education, having to ask state permission to marry and procreate and access to travel freely.

Rakhine Monasteries store weapons for use against Rohingya in Arakan


It has become clear in recent weeks that the Monasteries play a vital role in distributing weapons to the Rakhine population. Muslims in Maungdaw are yet again in fear after watching bundles of long swords being unloaded from trucks  this afternoon, and stored in a Buddhist Monastery under the control of U Kan Tun (local Rakhine). The Monastery is built near the Maungdaw creek and a small tributary and adjacent to the Muslim quarters of Shundaripara and Nafitdill. This is an isolated Monastery at the northeast end of the town and is well- known for illegal transport of goods from Bangladesh using the waterway, popular for anti-Muslim activities.

Under Scrutiny; No Eid for the Rohingya of Burma in Arakan


Today (20th of August) is the day of Eid Ul Fitr, marking the end of the month long Ramadan. All Muslims celebrated the day with religious fervour all over Myanmar except in Arakan (Rakhine state). The Rohingya Muslims in Arakan state have to mark the occasion by holding Eid prayers in individual homes rather than gathering for congregational prayers on this special day. Mosques in the Arakan state have been locked since 8th June,2012 as punishment to the Rohingya Muslim community for alleged engagement in communal riots.

Rakhine Buddhists are absolved from their involvement and continue committing crimes against Muslims. The Buddhist Monasteries remain open and their religious edifices have become centres of religious fanaticism. Meetings are regularly held in the Monasteries to carry out attacks, loot, kill, plunder and rape against the Rohingya community.

Hundreds of Rohingya Forced to Flee As New Wave of Attacks Hit Region


Reports have been flooding in this afternoon of a new wave of attacks on Rohingya this afternoon leaving hundreds homeless and looking for shelter on foot during torrential monsoon rains whilst others were left dead. The recent clashes have been reported from 4 villages near Rauthedoung were as many as 12 have been killed with 1,000 Rohingya displaced as well as in 3 villages south of Maungdaw...

Inside Rohingya Refugee Camps - Restless Beings facilitate report on Channel 4

Exclusive: As members of Burma's Muslim Rohingya minority are forced into camps after violent clashes, the government bans international observers - but Channel 4 News gains access 

A number of international media organisations are now managing to gain access to Rohingya camps and this is the first look at shocking seens of how the village of Narzi has been completely...

EXCLUSIVE - Restless Beings Works With Al Jazeera To Bring First Report From Rohingya Camp

Over the past ten days or so, we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that we were able to facilitate international media to gain access and film from within Rohingya camps that have been set up following the state led clashes between Rakhine on Rohingya in Arakan, Myanmar.

In an exclusive report, we facilitated the reporter to visit the camps and surrounding areas to highlight opinions held on both sides.