Muslims Targeted in Meikhtila as Thein Sein Declares State of Emergency


It is hugely evident that racial and religious discrimination against Muslims is not just a regional problem confined to Arakan. Rioting and wanton attacks have now been reported to have swept the city of Meikhtila. Although the violence started from a market squabble in a jewellery shop, the concurrent attacks were focused directly towards the Muslim...

Rohingya Update: Thousands of Rohingya Students Denied Education


As another massacre is unfortunately anticipated to take place in Arakan, the Rohingya, still continue to be deprived of the most basic human rights. Previously we have reported on the boycott of Rohingya trade, the terrible living conditions of the Rohingya forced to live in the IDP camps, and the wanton attacks and killing of men, women and children- for no...

Rohingya Update: No Rule of Law, Aid Blocked, Orchestrated 3rd Wave of Violence Draws Near


Another urgent report has been sent to us by our sources in Arakan today.

Yet another five houses have been burnt down in Maungdaw, as recently as the early hours of this morning. Despite the urgency of safeguarding the people Arakan and the dire lack of rule of law in the land, no action is taken against the perpetrators of crimes against the Rohingya.

Rohingya Update: Arson Attacks, Extortion & Threat of Third Massacre


Despite the media spotlight waning, the suffering in Arakan continues. Our source in the region once again details the living nightmare they endure everyday, and in particular the way in which law enforcers are deliberately reluctant to act upon a crime inflicted on the Rohingya, and choose not to convict the Rakhine.

Rohingya Plea for Salvation


An urgent plea from the Rohingya has been sent to Restless Beings in hope of salvation in their genocide stained homeland.

In the village of Op Daung, South Maungdaw it has been reported to us that an officer of the NaSaKa tortured and killed a Rohingya male for no other reason but that he could.

The same wanton killing also occurred in the Moung No village. As two Rohingya fishermen were...

Rohingya Update: A new apartheid and fears of a wipeout.


We have learnt that the authorities in Arakan have trained Rakhine locals and other Buddhist settlers to kill the Rohingya at first sight, branded under an operation of ‘security’ and ‘self defense’. The Rakhine locals scour the river and mountain areas and spare no life. This week (26th February) the report of two Rohingya men killed in Maungdaw South by local Rakhine from the Natala Village being rapidly circulated online. The Rohingya men were killed whilst fishing in the mountains and collecting firewood in the forest.

Rohingya Update: 15th- 21st February, 2013


Today, our source in Arakan has detailed the constant persecution the Rohingya face from the authorities. In North Maungdaw around the Nga Ku Ya village, the police and NaSaKa continue to loot, rape and torture the Rohingya. Both the police and NaSaka have destroyed the village exclaiming: “This is not your land and country, go away where you can. At first Maundaw Kalla ywar...

Rohingya Update: 9th-16th February, 2013


Reports of many more lives being lost, including those of infants in the Pauk Taw refugee camp due to the horrific living conditions further corroborate the fears that many camps are still without access to food and aid.

Rohingya Persecution Continues Despite Obama’s Visit; Fears of Sterilisation

This morning (November 26th) we have had reports that medical workers and security guards arrived at  the Rohingya village Sin-Gri-Daung of MinBya Township. Their unannounced arrival is suspected to be part of an attempt to set up the initial stages to carry out the widely reported scheme of sterilisation of Rohingya women under the age of 50, as ordered by President Thein Sein. Previously sterilisation had been seen as a key manner to restrict the Rohingya population from continuing to increase and to further expel them from their homes to countries elsewhere. The very real fear is that this is now being enacted. Moreover, violence continues as Rohingya youths are targeted, either being beaten by local police and military forces, being accused of crimes they haven’t committed (Tan-Seik village) and confiscating their fishing equipment which is vital to their trade (Tan-Ran-Daing village).

Burma: Steps to Democracy, Civil Unrest or Genocide?


Burma, or Myanmar, has received great interest in recent years from international leaders across the world. Hundreds of political prisoners- having spent years campaigning for a free democracy- have been released, most famously Aung San Suu Kyi of the National League for Democracy in November 2010. Further steps away from the vilified dictatorship to a free market democracy, appealing to foreign investors for capital and expertise, easing media censorship, passing labour laws allowing unions to be established have demonstrated a more reformist quasi civilian government taking office in March 2011, with Thein Sein as President.