31 Rohingya Refugees Feared To Be Smuggled Into Prostitution in Indonesia

Restless Beings has obtained documentation from State Government meetings in Aceh and Sumatra regions of Indonesia regarding the disappearance of 31 Rohingya women and children since July 25th 2015.  The refugees had escaped the camps as they were being relocated by IOM to another camp as a result of a report of sexual harassment in the female camp the day before.

The IOM (Institute of...

Flooding And Food Shortages For Rohingya in Leda Camp


Heavy monsoon rains have caused widespread destruction in Bangladesh's Teknaf region and Burma's Arakan state with more misery inflicted on the lives of countless thousands of Rohingya in the region. In Bangladesh, reports of flooding have affected upwards of 100,000 Rohingya in refugee camps. One of the worst affected is Leda Bazaar camp where 13,000 unregistered refugees have been...

No Solution in Sight For Rohingya Crisis


The stark reality is that there are still around 2,500 Rohingya who are stranded in the Andaman Sea. Their exact location is unknown. Their exact number is unknown and the condition of those on board is unknown.

The families they’ve left behind, their compatriots who have managed to reach shores, their extended families who are overseas are known as the ‘forgotten people’;...

Momentum Gathers For Solution As Philippines Offers A Haven


The Philippines have made an offer to accept upto 3,000 Rohingya as refugees who are currently stranded at sea. Following local reports that Philippines had also rejected the notion of accepting Rohingya, the Justice Secretary Leia de Lima, spoke on Monday of an obligation to assist political asylum seekers. 

Earlier today, Vivian Tan of UNHCR had informed Restless Beings that 330...

Call for ASEAN to find solution for stranded Rohingya

Even as worldwide media start to highlight the issue of the stranded 6,000 Rohingya and Bangladeshi in the Andaman sea, no political solutions have been offered to assist in their safe rescue and medical care.  

Growing calls for the EU, the US and UK Governments to push for international diplomacy have gathered momentum. However, the real solution must come regionally, from ASEAN...

Op - Ed: The Latest In A Long Line of Abuses Against The Rohingya

Over time it's very easy to become desensitised to reports which relay 'the number of dead..' or 'the number of displaced..' etc when we face a barrage of humanitarian disasters, war torn communities and the like on a daily basis. But when you hear about the same community facing the same abuses but just on increasing scales over the period of a generation, more than 50...

Thousands of Rohingya Muslims Trapped at Sea


As many as 6,000 Rohingya migrants are reportedly trapped at sea, whilst in the past 24 hours, Indonesia and Malaysia have rescued in the region of 1,600 Rohingya fleeing persecution and oppression in their homeland, Burma.  

The migrants are attempting to cross the trecherous sea in wooden vessels into Malaysia where they are generally better recieved than in other neighbouring...

Rohingya situation worsens as temporary citizenship cards are revoked


This week saw a worsening of the plight of the Rohingya as the Burmese government decided to invalidate temporary citizenship cards, also known as ‘white cards’. The cards are identity documents which, until this point, afforded holders with some basic rights such as the right to vote. However, the decision to invalidate the cards by 31 March means that those handing back the documents will be unable to vote in the upcoming constitutional referendum. 

Obama Urged to #JustSayTheirName


On the backdrop of more than 15,000 Rohingya having fled Burma in the past month heading to Thailand and Malaysia for sanctuary, President Obama arrives into Naypitaw on Thursday (13th Novemeber 2014) to begin his second round of diplomatic talks with the Burmese government.  It is widely anticipated that Obama will address the Burmese public on Friday who...

Continual Arbitrary Arrests and Abuse for Rohingya


The intensity of arbitrary arrests and abuse cases has been increasing and widespread reports of incidents have been reported in recent days and weeks across Arakan state in Burma. Late yesterday, (Friday 17th Oct) reports began surfacing of the violent abuse and eventual murder of a Rohingya villager from Naisa Faru in Maungdaw township, North Arakan.

Having been arrested...