Nowhere To Go - Restless Beings facilitates documentary on Rohingya

Since the outbreak of violence in Arakan in June erlier this year, Restless Beings has been working tirelessly with media agencies across the world to try and get the accounts of brutal human rights violations and gross violence used against the Rohingya in Burma.

Having managed to facilitate exclusive reports for Channel 4 and for Al Jazeera and having worked alongside the likes of BBC and Press TV amongst others, we have been in prime position to allow agencies to take advantage of our numerous and reliable sources across Burma to bring the latest information.

In this special report, Restless Beings has been working very closely with Lianain Films to bring this Al Jazeera 101 East report which for the first time explores in detail the impact and the human cost of the events which have unfolded since June.


Sarah Anwar

This was upsetting to watch, imagine those that have actually lived the horror :( The Rohingya need to be given their right to belong just like every other human being!

29 September 2012 delete