Latest Images from Burma on the Rohingya Crisis

The last few days in Arakan have seen some of the most violent and bloody attacks on the Rohingya by the Rakhine whilst quite often, Government forces not only stand by and allow these attacks to take place, but actually facilitate them. These are some of the pictures that we have been gathering from our sources around Arakan. Many of the villages being attacked are already impoverished areas where locals do not have the ability to capture images on their phones and devices.  Further to that, Arakan right now is under an internet siege, meaning the transfer of data such as pictures/video is near impossible. Many of these pictures have been obtained with contacts sending their SD cards by land to towns such as Yangon and Mandalay to be transferred via the net or by contacts trying to get a weak signal on mobile networks from neighbouring Bangladesh. We hope to bring you more images and videos as we get them.