What would you like to do when you grow up?

The street children of Dhaka are surprisingly resilient and at the same time, big dreamers. There are many children that run away from home knowing that they will face hardship on the streets with only the hope that their dreams will come alive.

The Bangladesh Restless Beings team set out to ask what some of the street children of Dhaka aspire to be when they grew up; what their dreams are, who they hope to be, where they see themselves in the future if they had the choice.

Here are the answers from 12 of the many we asked:

Much like you and I, they too harbour beautiful dreams. Circumstance, however, doesn’t allow most of them to live to see it materialise. This doesn’t have to be the case. With your support and donation we can help as many children as possible build towards a better life away from drug abuse, malnutrition and sexual exploitation.


Daniel Rivers

This is great! Hopefully with the help and support from Restless Beings they can be guided to reach their dreams!

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Nancy Kamal

The children have so much to say; you ask them to speak of their passions and they will tell you with amazing detail what they want in life.
Under the stars, every night, this is what keeps them going <3

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Shakir Ahmed

'When I grow up, I want to play all day' So much innocence! I can't wait till the RB Village is complete :)

18 February 2014 delete