Rooftop Fence Challenge

After the successful launch of 'The Big 10 Challenge' in October 2008, we managed to raise more £10,000 in the space of three weeks, to begin our initial renovations on the centre we have in Mohammadpur, Dhaka.

Since then, we are pleased to announce that the whole building has been upgraded, modernised and fitted with all mod cons, ready for the children to move into within the space of 6 weeks. At this time however, we are in desperate need to add a security fence for the rooftop area which we have converted into a teaching room. Previously, the rooftop area, was uncovered and empty. We have relaid the flooring of the rooftop, and added a weatherproof cover which has been secured with steel columns. The outstanding renovation on the new teaching area, is to provide a security fence around the perimeter to make it child friendly and to also prevent accidents and injury.

We've been granted permission to hold classes here currently as at all times there are 4 supervisors to ensure that health and safety is not breached. We have however been informed by the registry boards, that unless we provide a permanent solution, i.e a secure perimeter fence, we would not be able to accommodate the children in the centre.

At this moment in time, it is absolutely crucial that we have a secure permanent perimeter fence built on the new teaching space as soon as possible. The building, the manpower infrastructure and the go-ahead from the relevant authorities is all in place and this is perhaps (we hope and pray) the final hurdle for us to cross.

We come back to where we started and request all our supporters to join together and raise the required £1,500 (or 1 lakh 60,000 Bangladeshi Taka) to enable us to finally have a fully operational centre.

Our initial target was to have this centre up and running, fully functional by 2012. With your help, support and wisdom, we have managed to get 2 years ahead of schedule. We hope that with your continued support, we can excel in the way you want us to.