Eid clothes in time for the 2013 Eid ul-Adha festivities!

A few months ago Restless Beings carried out the ‘My Ramadan Resolution’ campaign to give street children Eid gifts (consisting of a meal, new clothes and educational books) at the end of the spiritual month of Ramadan.

It brings us great joy to say we were able to raise enough to buy for all those who frequently use the Centre as well as many more, which was contributed towards the extra food distribution on the day!

The Restless Beings Bangladesh team as well as the children give their heartfelt thanks to the donors and supporters of this project. 

And now, a few days ago the Restless Beings Bangladesh team were busy again collecting unwanted clothes from friends, family and supporters in Bangladesh to give to the children in time for Eid ul-Adha celebrations.

After sifting through the mountain of clothes received, we were able to discover 90 lovely pieces of clothing to give away.   

These ranged from day-to-day clothing to pretty dresses. All of which were appreciated by those who were there to receive it. 

A merry Eid from the Restless Beings team to all those celebrating it.

Love. Light. And lollipops.