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East Journal- Central Asia Report (Italian)

A deeper look into Ala Kachuu in Kyrgyzstan with commentary by Koyrun Begum, Restless Beings Ala Kachuu Project Officer.


MSDN- UCL Computer Science Case Study- Developing an Android App for Restless Beings


Voice of America- Activists Wary of US Easing Ban on Burmese Imports;jsessionid=E8C184288283813669C0B3A123075C9D.sonny2?id=3132&rssid=25254301&


New Age (Also printed in Asia Times)- Rohingya miss boat on development


We Speak News- Burma: Steps to Democracy, Ethnic Unrest or Genocide?


SMH Australia- Burma visit carries risk and reward for Obama

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Myanmar Ethnic Rohingyas Human Rights Organisation Malaysia coverage of Rohingya Day 08/11/12

Rohingya Blogger- London Rohingya Global Day of Action 08/11/12

Protesters to “urge condemnation” of suffering of Rohingya people


Press TV- UK Protesters urge action on Rohingya ‘genocide’ : Rohingya Day 08/11/12


The Guardian- Obama's visit to Burma will include meeting with Aung San Suu Kyi


Mizzima- Rohingya supporters rally for Global Day of Action 08/11/12


Demotix: Media Images from London Rohingya Day Protest at FCO 08/12/12


HispanTV- London, focal point of protests in solidarity with Rohingyas

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Press TV coverage of London Foreign & Commonwealth Office Protest- Rohingya Day 08/11/12

Periodistas- Human rights in Burma is growing repression against Muslim minorities

Al Kanz- Burma: Saudi Arabia condemns the ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya

The Guardian -At least 130 Burmese refugees drown in shipwreck

Buddhist Students Rally against Muslim Rohingya in Myanmar | Open Equal Free

Utegångsförbud efter våld i Burma

Beyond Sport World

Hip Hop benefit show led by Beyond Sport young leader Thania


Channel S Let's Talk TV Show


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CNN IReport Blog- Voice The Rohingya


IndyMedia- A Stateless, Silenced Injustice: The Rohingya