Philippines Children in the Aftermath of Haiyan


In the recent double disaster Philippines has found itself with more than 4 million displaced, 1,757 missing and an official death toll to be reported to have reached 5,500, though unofficially it is predicted to be more. 

By Nancy Kamal | 08 December 2013

Education for All by 2015 – Governments Fail to Make the Grade


Education is a basic human right and a powerful means by which socially and economically marginalised individuals can bring themselves out of poverty and begin to participate fully in society. Without such access to good education, individuals cannot exercise completely their civil, political, economic and social rights.

PS22 Chorus & Matisyahu "ONE DAY"


Letting these kids all sing and move and sway and feel the music without being judged or mocked . . . . how? It blows me away. If only every kid regardless of color or gender or size could be taught in this way. What a world this might become.

By Junver Bautista | 29 January 2011