Ramadhan Rohingya Refugee Support

Ramadhan Rohingya Refugee Support poster

This year, Restless Beings will be working to support Rohingya refugees who have escaped state led violence and ethnic cleansing based on race and religion in Burma.

There are an estimated 100,000 new refugees as a result of the violence from winter 2016, with scores of thousands still not receiving any aid at all. Conditions in refugee camps are almost unliveable and one of the major causes of this is a simple lack of access to clean water for drinking and for sanitation.

We aim to build 50 tube wells and 80 additional toilets with sanitation facilities as well as a complete sanitation system which will reduce contamination and disease for upto 8,000 refugees. These projects provide lifetime supplies of water and sanitation. Additionally we aim to provide monthly supplies of food to at least 1,000 refugees.

Today we distributed food supplies to more than 200 #Rohingya refugees in a camp near the #Burma border. Some of the refugees here received their first food since arriving upto 3 months ago. Thank you to all that have donated to us in the past few months, without you none of this would have been possible. We only managed to feed 200 of the 12,000 refugees in this Camp and although we will continue with our distributions, you can still help by donating just £15 which will keep a small family going for a month on our website www.restlessbeings.org #TogetherWeAreStronger

Posted by Restless Beings on Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Our Ramdhan campaign gives you two options;

  • Donations to last a Lifetime (Sadaqah Jariya)
  • Donations that will offer a Lifeline(Zakat)

Donations that last a Lifetime (Sadaqah Jariyah)

  • Tube Wells to provide clean drinking water £200 each
  • Toilets to ensure sanitation is dignified, private and safe £100 each
  • Complete sanitation system including drainage to ensure disease and contamination reduced £5,000 for 8,000 Rohingya refugees
  • Donations that offer a Lifeline (Zakat)

    • £20 provides complete food package to a refugee family for a month - £200 for a full year
    • Any amount according to calculations (2.5% of accountable wealth and assets)

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    Lifetime (wells, toilets, sanitation)
    £50 - £100 - £200 - Other

    Lifeline (Food packages)
    £200 - 400 - Other