Ramadan resolution 2014

Ramadan resolution 2014 poster

Whether you’re observing Ramadan, enjoying the sunny evenings, or have just found some loose change behind the sofa, resolve to stand up for human rights and create consistent tangible change around the world.

With a small contribution to Restless Beings, you can make change that is Permanent, Consistent, and Egalitarian.

All of our projects are committed to a vision of direct transparent change. That’s why 100% of your donation will go directly to the project. No middlemen, no messing around.


For £5, you can resolve to support the permanence of our projects.

You will help to ensure all of our projects create permanent, tangible change. By donating, you can count yourself as a champion for our Bangladesh Street Kids, Stateless Rohingya, Ala Kachuu and Roma Engage projects.


Donate just £20 to give 1 street child a special EID gift. Help provide this for as many children as possible this year.

Often these children suffer from acute malnutrition and are unable to afford food, let alone new clothes for Ramadan and Eid. With no family or support, they are in much need of something to put a smile on their face.

By donating, you will help provide a hearty Eid meal, Eid clothes, educational materials, a hair comb and some soap for a child to help bring joy to them and give a sense of festivity, community and belonging!

We have stopped taking new eid gifts, we have exceeded our target! Thank you to everyone who has donated, shared and supported this campaign!


Please consider a one off donation of £35 to a Restless Beings project of your choice:

We have three projects that are currently seeking the support of change-makers (YOU!).

  • The Bangladesh Street Kids project needs help to ensure that we can continue to provide the most marginalised street children with the basics.

    Things like food & clothing, education, medical treatment and psychological counselling. In other words, help us to edge these kids closer to the human rights they are entitled to.

  • The Stateless Rohingya need a continuing champion for their human rights.

    Help us to continue our advocacy work in the UK for the Rohingya. With your support, we can continue to provide media agencies with on-the-ground reports from the terror stricken state of Arakan and from Myanmar as a whole.

  • Ala Kachuu, the practice of bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan, needs to stop.

    Support us as we continue to provide a safe refuge centre and most importantly, a home, for victims. Please provide the financial backing so that we can counsel and provide legal assistance, whilst also undertaking essential outreach work to combat the practice of Ala Kachuu on a grass-roots level.