My Ramadan Resolution

My Ramadan Resolution poster

'Whether you're observing Ramadan or not, make a special resolution to stand up for human rights and create consistent tangible change around the world.'


Donate just £5 a month to help sustain all of our Restless Beings projects.

This will help to ensure we consistently create tangible change across our Bangladesh Street Kids, Stateless Rohingya, Ala Kachuu and Roma Engage Project.


Donate just £10 to provide a special Eid gift to 50 children who are part of our Bangladesh Street Kids Campaign.

Often these children suffer from acute malnutrition and are unable to afford food let alone new clothes for Ramadan and Eid. However, you could help provide a hearty Eid meal, new clothes and educational books for a child and help bring joy to them on what is to be a happy festival!

We have reached our target for the Eid gifts!


One off donation of just £20 to a Restless Beings project of your choice:

  • Bangladesh Street Kids

    Help us ensure that we continue to provide the ​most marginalised street children with

    • Food & clothing
    • Education
    • Medical treatment and psychological counselling

  • Stateless Rohingya

    Help us to ensure that we continue to champion the human rights of the Rohingya of Myanmar, through our advocacy work in the UK, and facilitating media agencies with on the ground reports from the terror stricken state of Arakan and Myanmar as a whole.

  • Ala Kachuu

    Help us to ensure that we continue to provide a safe refuge centre and home for victims of bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan, offering counselling and legal assistance, whilst also undertaking integral outreach work to combat the practice of Ala Kachuu on a grass roots level.