The Project is Up and Running in Kyrgyzstan =]

So the last few days have been really emotionally draining with interviews from families of suicide victims of Ala Kachuu to hearing inspirational stories of young guys pushing out amazing ideas to build confidence and offer support to bride kidnapping victims. Add to that an exhausting 14 hour drive from Issyk Kul back to Bishkek and you'll know how we were all feeling yesterday.

Today, on the other hand has been an absolutely superb day! We started off with some on-the-fly interviews with uni students and a quick meeting with caterers for our workshop on Sunday.

Following that, we had a marathon seven hour meeting with Sezim; a women's rights organisation based locally in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. In our meeting we met with their team and shared mutual ideas.

From there, we struck a deal whereby, we will be working in a mutual partnership.  We will be able to run a calling hot line for victims of Ala Kachuu, domestic violence and any other women's rights issues. We will also be supporting a crisis centre, where women who have been abused can come in to seek shelter and be tended to by medical staff, counsellors and group therapy. Alongside this, we will also be running weekly outreach awareness activities to schools, colleges, universities and community organisations and creative therapy workshops. 

This is monumental news for us and we are thrilled that following our slog of a meeting, we are now up and running in Kyrgyzstan.

On Sunday, we will be running a workshop for NGO's and student bodies alike on marketing bride kidnapping campaigns in an engaging, interactive and fun way. Friday will see us dabble in some really creative stuff that we will hopefully be able to use in both Kyrgyzstan and around the world to raise more awareness of the issue of non consensual bride-kidnapping. And now with this new partnership all signed and sealed, we are over the moon to say that we now have a fully cohesive, holistic project in place in Kyrgyzstan. And we did this only through your support <3

Love, Light and Lollipops,

Mabrur, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Restless Beings