Rest in peace Nelson Mandela. Today you have gone home.


By now, every corner of Earth knows of Nelson Mandela’s passing.

It is profound to feel so much sorrow for the passing of a person I have never met. And yet I do. He was unparalleled; his words resonated with peace and exceptional power, like no other.

It surprises me that I cried for him, that I could feel the vacuum his death created from such a distance.

By Nancy Kamal | 06 December 2013

'Emerging Influence' - Community recognition for RestlessBeings


On Tuesday 22nd January 2013, at the House of Commons, the Co-Founder of Restless Beings Rahima Begum was recognised in the British Bangladeshi Power 100. The BBPower100 is an event which celebrates leading British Bangladeshi figures who are helping shape the future of Britain with their ideas and talent, whilst recognising their success in a wide range of fields.

Rahima was recognised under the 'Emerging Influence' category for her tireless work and utter devotion not only to her work within Restless Beings but also her work across the community from co-hosting and speaking at women's rights events, championing arts and networking across the British Bangladeshi community, alongside work with local and national media. As an inspirational figure Rahima is a highly sought after panel expert, and has lectured on human rights both domestically and internationally.  Her work leading Restless Beings support for the persecuted Rohingya community in Myanmar as well as women's rights in Kyrgyzstan received particular praise.

By Daniel Rivers | 25 January 2013

The Project is Up and Running in Kyrgyzstan =]


So the last few days have been really emotionally draining with interviews from families of suicide victims of Ala Kachuu to hearing inspirational stories of young guys pushing out amazing ideas to build confidence and offer support to bride kidnapping victims. Add to that an exhausting 14 hour drive from Issyk Kul back to Bishkek and you'll know how we were all feeling yesterday.

By Mabrur Ahmed | 04 April 2012

A male perspective

Sunlight poured in through the hotel window, it was a 7am start today. The villagers in Karakol had some of the best views of the snow peaked mountains in Krygyzstan. This sublime beauty set the tone for the day ahead which was one of the toughest and most emotionally poignant.

Our trip to Karakol was a significant part of this investigative journey for RestlessBeings. The itinerary of the day included meetings with victims, the family of a suicide victim who had ended her life because of non consensual ala kachuu and other members of the community. Our day began with a meeting with the principal of a local college. We were keen to establish a contact with some of the colleges and universities throughout the country; those educating the future, and to hear their thoughts and views on non consensual ala kachuu. The principle was keen to express the developments both in the college and the local community and how attitudes to bride kidnapping, were gradually shifting. This was a positive not which drastically changed when we met two recent non consensual ala kachuu victims.

By Rahima Begum | 03 April 2012

Community Pressure Vs Rescuing Daughter: Mothers Dilema

4am starts are never fun. The five us met at the lobby of the Shumkar Hotel waiting patiently for our ride and translator all ready and packed for a two day visit to Issyk Kul; a beautiful lake more than 100 miles wide. A couple of sandstorms later and awesome breathtaking views and we were in a large town called Karakol at the Northern part of Issyk Kul Lake.

Many notable NGO's and researchers have stated that the phenomenon of non consensual bride kidnapping (Ala Kachuu) is worse in these extremely rural parts of Kyrgyzstan. We were due to meet with one of the NGO's we have been in touch with and after settling into our pad for the night, we were quickly away for the first of two of our meetings.

By Mabrur Ahmed | 01 April 2012

Strategic plans


We've had a big day in Bishkek today. we spent last night planning a comprehensive and engaging workshop session that we will host before we fly back to the UK. the plan is to get the most important charities, student leaders, community organisations and opinion maker to come together under one roof for a workshop titled Creating Change Through Awareness :Non Consensual Ala Kachuu.
By Mabrur Ahmed | 30 March 2012

What's The Plan In Kyrgyzstan?

Today, five of the Restless Beings team, set off for Kyrgyzstan to continue work on our Ala Kachuu project and Mabrur thought he would use the time on board the first leg flight to Moscow to write a little something about why we are making the trek across to Kyrgyzstan. 

By Mabrur Ahmed | 28 March 2012

Why I Have Joined Restless Beings


I first heard about Restless Beings whilst attending a photography exhibition by Ruhul Abdin, one of the founders of Paraa, another charitable organisation doing great work.

The Bromley-by-Bow Centre was unknown to me and I walked right past it down a deserted residential street. It was dark and I had no idea where I was going. Heading back towards where I had come from I met some people who were also lost and also attending the event. We made it.

By Róisín Lonergan | 03 February 2012

Will We See World War III In 2012?

For the past decade, the public has heard vociferous rhetoric from the White House and the Israeli government about Iran and their nuclear capabilities. In November 2002, the then Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon said "the day after" the Iraq war ends, full attention should be given to Iran. The Iraq invasion officially ended this month, so we must now ask: what now?

By Omar Shahid | 25 December 2011

Looking forward to Human Writes 2? Take a look at how good it was last year


Human Writes in November 2010 was pretty awesome, the hype was all over the net, in the offices and class rooms on Monday morning and definitely did the Projects and the Human Rights cause justice!

Looking back, can it be as good this year? YES !!!!!!!! And with you there, it will be even better!!!

By Nadia Hussain | 10 November 2011