Restless Beings at Cambridge University

For the past two years Restless Beings has been working directly with students of varying ages from primary and secondary schools, to sixth form colleges and universities all over the UK.

With the start of the new academic year, it was an honour for Restless Beings to be invited to an evening with the Cambridge University International Development Society (CUiD). The society works to provide a non-partisan platform to raise awareness of international development issues and to promote their open discussion, and so it was a pleasure to discuss our work with their members.

Our presentation reflected the key concepts of our restless vision of tangible change and egalitarianism. Society members were keen to learn about our history, projects and campaigns, but in particular the methods of our voluntary, but nonetheless passionate work.

Following the presentation we were then invited to the freshers squash, providing an informal setting in which we could learn more about the society members and delve deeper into our research. It proved to be a great opportunity to also really gauge the projects that were of particular interest. Ala Kachuu, known as bride kidnapping, sparked great interest and intrigue, the majority unaware of its practice, but many keen to share and help raise awareness. There were also great discussions on our project films, in particular those focusing on highlighting Ala Kachuu and the Bangladesh street children.

We would like to thank CUiD and all it's members and event attendees for welcoming Restless Beings and helping to create a platform for the silenced and marginalised communities that we work with. We very much look forward to working alongside the society in future projects and workshops to further raise awareness and continue to create tangible change.

Thank you so much for coming all the way to Cambridge to speak for our International Development society! I feel so grateful and honoured to have heard everything that you guys had to say - Restless Beings is such an inspiring charity and the way in which you work is very special! It's so wonderful to see such a young and vibrant charity in which creativity takes such a central role - absolutely amazing!

Sonya Likhtmam
Co-President, Cambridge University International Development Society

If you would like Restless Beings to come to your school, college or university please contact email for more information.