Fast fashion, at what price?


Fast fashion is a symptom of today's fast paced world where we want access to everything in an instant. The effects of the demanding modern world are being felt across the world, particularly in the developing world.

Last month marked one year since the collapse of the Rana plaza factory in Bangladesh, where over a thousand garments factory...

Reflections of Self, Politics and Consumerism


Many times we debate and get into discussions in which our views reflect our demands of an ideal world. The places that pain us. The power structures that we want to witness shift. The exploitative, inhumane systems that we want to see deleted like a laptop with a virus unable to retrieve files. The histories we wished hadn't taken place to be written. The civilisations we wish...

By Shareefa Energy | 07 February 2014

Restless Beings at Cambridge University


For the past two years Restless Beings has been working directly with students of varying ages from primary and secondary schools, to sixth form colleges and universities all over the UK.

With the start of the new academic year, it was an honour for Restless Beings to be invited to an evening with the Cambridge University International Development Society (CUiD). The society works to provide a non-partisan platform to raise awareness of international development issues and to promote their open discussion, and so it was a pleasure to discuss our work with their members.

By Eirteqa Sultan | 30 October 2013

Restless Beings works with YOU*th Inspire Enlighten Change 2013!


Restless Beings teamed up with YOU*th Inspire for a day of inspiration and engagement. YOU*th Inspire is an educational initiative seeking to nurture a voice of change amongst the younger generation. The movement seeks to inspire young people to creatively engage with a broad spectrum of diverse issues, including the rule of law, human rights and current affairs.

By Hassan Hirsi | 09 March 2013

Students, Fashion & Human Rights!


After being Restless for nearly three years my love for fashion and human rights had finally been able to come together- under the roof of the Broadway Theatre no less! The awesome students of London’s Dagenham and Barking College, studying Media, Performing Arts, Fashion and Dance, all collectively, with Restless Beings organised a spectacular night to raise awareness of the...

By Tasnia Pakeeza A | 24 February 2013

Restless Beings at the House of Lords


Monday 10th December 2012

Monday saw a very busy day for Rohingya advocacy - we delivered a presentation at the House of Lords, a student meeting at London School of Economics, delivered an interview to an independent film maker who is charting recent persecution towards Rohingya and finally the UK airing of the Al Jazeera documentary, 'The Hidden Genocide'.  

Restless Beings...

By Mabrur Ahmed | 12 December 2012

Stop The Violence - Burma Still Bleeds

I added few more useful posts and letter I wrote the state senator. Praying to God that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

Visit the blog at

By Asaf Mohammad | 14 July 2012

International Women’s Day: Marching for peace and equality!


Thursday 8 March saw women, men and children in London march across Millennium Bridge and all the way to the South Bank Centre to stand in solidarity with women across the world calling for peace and equality. Charities, student groups, unions and primary school kids all passionately chanted songs calling for equality and respect and 2012 was the first year Restless Beings took part in the Join me on the Bridge Campaign, organised by Women for Women International. This collaborative march allowed different organisations and individuals to come together and stand in solidarity for women's rights, achievements and struggles. For Restless Beings it was a fantastic day to share our organisation with passersby and other charities intrigued by our work and motto's. Our t-shirts caught the eyes of many and allowed us to talk about the Restless Beings projects to a variety of people.

By fareeda miah | 14 March 2012

Passive activism: an oxymoron


Every generation in recent history, has taken upon itself a solemn responsibility: that of effecting a positive change in the world and defending against a perceived evil in a way that was special to that generation. From the splendour of stately homes and sprawling fields in the English countryside to the humid sweltering heat of dense Amazonian forest in Brazil, the collective conscience of millions was ignited by two wars that left mankind a shameful legacy; a reminder of the depravity that man was capable of. Out of the smouldering ashes of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, from the rubble and ruins of Eastern Europe to the blood soaked sands of the Middle East a movement was emerging. Whether it was guerrillas in Africa fighting for independence from Colonialism or students in Alabama marching for civil rights, a message was being embraced like never before: Give us liberty or give us death.

By Kevin Omwenga | 05 October 2011