About Restless Beings

Mission Statement

Restless Beings is an international human rights organisation which aims to support marginalised communities that are deprived of media or public attention.

Its projects are holistic in operation and work towards self sufficiency.

The organisation is free of prejudice of any kind as to race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status

We believe in egalitarianism for all and as such our team and projects are familial in operation, organisation and structure.

Who Are Restless Beings?

Restless Beings was set up on the 31st of October 2007 to voice the voiceless, marginalised, and persecuted communities across the world that face the consequences of inequality and imbalance on a day to day basis.

Since Restless Beings officially launched in the public sphere on the 1st of May 2008, we have created a network of like-minded multi-national professionals and students from all backgrounds, cultures and creeds who believe in egalitarianism for all. Restless Beings is a non-profitable organisation - all funds are donated 100% to our human rights projects with no middle men.

We believe in direct transparent change.

The organisation is run by a dedicated in-house team of volunteers made up of students and professionals, who work hard to push our campaigns and projects.

Why Restless Beings?

We have extensive links and contacts with small NGO's across the globe which enables us to reach the most silenced and forgotten of communities.

Our organisation has a flat structure which means should you wish to volunteer your time and effort or should you have an idea for the direction of the organisation, you will have a platform to do so.

This enables us to be a bubbling hot pot of ideas and fresh approach and creativity and we love to hear from other restless volunteers who want to use their time and skills to make a difference in intimate, hands on and bold method.

How Do We Choose Our Projects?

Restless Beings works on two key fronts; (1) the prevention or relief of poverty through development over a sustained period of time and (2) the promotion of human rights and actively raising awareness of human rights violations in silenced communities.

To date we have established our first project in Dhaka, Bangladesh working with street children to provide, education, nutrition, accommodation, medical aid, vocational support and psychological counselling.

We have also established a second project In Kyrgyzstan, where we have begun a partnership with a women's rights organisation based locally in Bishkek to provide support to victims of Ala Kachuu, domestic violence and any other women's rights issues through a helpline and a crisis centre.

We are in currently in the research stages of establishing a project which will look at the Human Rights violations that the Rohingya community on the Bangladesh Burma border face and another project to combat prejudice of the Roma community in the United Kingdom.

You may view the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with which we measure a violation of human rights.

For your ease, we have summarised the declaration and you can download this summary.

Our Work

Our approach is to create campaigns using the most creative means possible; working closely with artists, models, actors, film makers and musicians.

Not only does this keep us connected with fresh unsigned talent but it works in enabling us to reach out in the most creative appealing way possible.

Art is accessible to everyone and open to individual interpretation which excites us when devising campaigns.

Restless Beings is not affiliated with any political organisation, we are an open organisation for open minded, out of the box thinking volunteers who are concerned with human rights issues and providing for the unfortunate; regardless of their age, background, creed or colour.

Our Vision of Change is:

  • Permanent
  • Consistent
  • Egalitarian