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Attacks on the Rohingya in Arakan continue


The situation in Arakan is comparable to that of Gunatanamo Bay in that all information of conditions and treatment are largely unreported according to Vice Minister of Information in Burma, Ye Tut, speaking with Radio Free Asia last Saturday.

Reflections of Self, Politics and Consumerism


Many times we debate and get into discussions in which our views reflect our demands of an ideal world. The places that pain us. The power structures that we want to witness shift. The exploitative, inhumane systems that we want to see deleted like a laptop with a virus unable to retrieve files. The histories we wished hadn't taken place to be written. The civilisations we wish...

Thailand's amnesty bill and the countdown to the general election


Restless Beings is extending its news capacity to include your contributions of citizen journalism. We want to provide a platform for those who want to share their story, and allow us to see events through their eyes. Whether you are a blogger, journalist or just want to have your say, contact pr@restlessbeings.org and tell us your story.

Our first contribution is written by a Thai citizen living in the UK. Ahead of Thailand’s general election, they tell us about the controversy surrounding the proposed amnesty bill, which, according to critics, could allow human rights abuses to go unpunished if passed.

The author has requested anonymity.

Violence Looms Large Over Arakan


Reports of Rohingya camps being burned down and destroyed across Pauk Taw, Sittwe have brought fears that an upturn in violence against Rohingya in Burma has begun. In a day of violent outbursts across the Arakan region, there were also wide scale arrests in Maungdaw. This comes amid a spate of anger thought to originate following the death of a Rakhine man...

Rest in peace Nelson Mandela. Today you have gone home.


By now, every corner of Earth knows of Nelson Mandela’s passing.

It is profound to feel so much sorrow for the passing of a person I have never met. And yet I do. He was unparalleled; his words resonated with peace and exceptional power, like no other.

It surprises me that I cried for him, that I could feel the vacuum his death created from such a distance.

By Nancy Kamal | 06 December 2013 | Blog

Sex Sells: Slavery in the Modern Day


Sex trafficking is a lucrative business. As the world’s oldest profession it is now one of the fastest growing in an industry worth billions. The United Nations estimates that human trafficking generates more than $31.6 billion each year which makes it the second-most lucrative illicit market in the global economy after the drug trade. It is calculated that 2.5 million people are trafficked each year, of which 1.2 million are children. It has survived the global financial crunch and continues to grow year upon year.

The anti-Roma bigotry in Europe


Roma people (including Travellers, Gypsies, Manouches, Ashkali, Sinti etc) have been an essential part of the European civilisation for more than a thousand years. They are currently the largest ethnic minority in Europe with an estimated population of 10 to 12 million. Despite these figures, the Roma are still victims of wide spread discrimination and entrenched social exclusion. The majority...

Restless Beings at Cambridge University


For the past two years Restless Beings has been working directly with students of varying ages from primary and secondary schools, to sixth form colleges and universities all over the UK.

With the start of the new academic year, it was an honour for Restless Beings to be invited to an evening with the Cambridge University International Development Society (CUiD). The society works to provide a non-partisan platform to raise awareness of international development issues and to promote their open discussion, and so it was a pleasure to discuss our work with their members.