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Hey all, just a quick update of the strategic decisions of the Restless Beings. It has been decided that we were to go for a not-for-profit status, and Restless Beings has now been registered with Companies House England and Wales. I am happy to announce that they were thrilled with our proposal and we were granted this status as of immeadiate effect.

By Mabrur Ahmed | 08 November 2010 | Blog

A restless thought by Mushroom

So who are the restless beings? We are strong minded individuals intent on giving a voice to those unheard in the world that we live. We are still in our early stages and currently the team consists of two; Mushroom, a quirky 'save-the-world' self proclaimed hippie events organiser and Mabrur, a logical 'easily-exciteable' philanthropic media accounts manager.

By Rahima Begum | 08 November 2010 | Blog

Rooftop Fence Challenge

After the successful launch of 'The Big 10 Challenge' in October 2008, we managed to raise more £10,000 in the space of three weeks, to begin our initial renovations on the centre we have in Mohammadpur, Dhaka.

Child Prostitution - The Facts


Child prostitution, still a prominent and apparent problem in many countries; several nations have been successful in reducing the incident of this misconduct, giving the children effected, that have been trapped in this mortifying means to income, a chance for a better life. However a vast number of other countries still overlook this degradation and tainting of the life of the innocent.

Child Malnutrition


Malnutrition is central to many of the health issues in Bangladesh, as well as in many developing countries, for instance low birth weight, poor growth, slow cognitive development and susceptibility to infections.

But what is malnutrition?

"Malnutrition" is a condition that results from an inadequate or excessive intake of nutrients. Obesity caused by excessive intake of refined carbohydrates and fat, is also a form of malnutrition which is more common in industrialised countries, but recent studies have shown that this 'western' problem is now seeping into the developing nations leading to the situation of a "double burden" of under- and over-nutrition.

Case Studies

Fatima, the girl who ensures her appearance is that similar to a young boy so she can 'escape the hands of physical abuse by locals 'mastans' (pimps). I met her in Kamalapur Station, Dhaka. She was hungry and tired. She told me how she left home because of her abusive father and how the streets became her refuge. Sleeping on the platforms of Kamalapur station was taking its toil and Fatima sighed and told me she had had enough. She wanted to move on, to somewhere safer. But she didnt know where.

Rahima, Co-Director of RestlessBeings (trip to Dhaka, July - August 2008)

Project One


Our first project takes us to South Asia, namely, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The project aims to tackle the issues that children in street situations endure on a daily basis. Restless Beings works with marginalised communities and this growing community of vulnerable children who are living and working on the streets of Dhaka are finding themselves more and more prone to the dangers associated with pornography, prostitution, child labour and human trafficking.