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How the Health Industry Abuses Human Rights in Bangladesh


In July of 2002, an independent study was performed in three of the slum areas of Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. Although the government regularly surveys the urban population for health concerns, the slum areas are not included in the population surveyed. This gives a biased result which makes the healthcare situation appear better than it actually is.

This survey showed that 60% of Dhaka’s 17.6 million people live in the slums of the capital city. Of the participants in the survey, 93% had been born in the surrounding villages and migrated to the city in hope of finding better work and a better life. Once they arrived in the city, however, they found themselves trapped in a hopeless situation where their expenses exceed their income; they live in substandard housing with landlords who have little to no accountability for the living condition of their tenants and have no financial means to improve their situation.

Myanmar: 969 Extremist Violence Spreads to Yangon


The last few weeks fears have materialised to reality, as extremist Buddhist attacks have spread further than just within the Arakan region in Myanmar, to Mandalay and now to Yangon (formerly Rangoon).

The opportunistic ‘969’ extremist group, had started the violent rampage in the Meikhtila township of Mandalay, which is now razed to the ground, unrecognizable to the local inhabitants who used to call the area their home.

Street Children: Why Bother?

The overly congested city of Dhaka, has much in its background. But amongst the congestion, commotion and pollution are the floating population.

There are over 400,000 street children in Bangladesh with over a third of them settled in Dhaka. Living in dense slums, squatter settlements or on the pavement makes them vulnerable to a dangerous concoction of dilemmas - from malnutrition to sexual abuse, force participation to petty theft to substance abuse.

Rohingya Update: Further Attacks Against Muslims by Extremist Group in Burma (with images)


Despite their own hardship, our sources in Arakan express deep concern over the widespread violence against Muslims in other areas of Burma. Angered by the ineffective international laws, our sources explain how the extremist Buddhist community are taking full advantage continuing their racially aggravated violent rampage without any accountability. Now, Buddhist extremist groups have...

Muslims Targeted in Meikhtila as Thein Sein Declares State of Emergency


It is hugely evident that racial and religious discrimination against Muslims is not just a regional problem confined to Arakan. Rioting and wanton attacks have now been reported to have swept the city of Meikhtila. Although the violence started from a market squabble in a jewellery shop, the concurrent attacks were focused directly towards the Muslim...

Rohingya Update: Thousands of Rohingya Students Denied Education


As another massacre is unfortunately anticipated to take place in Arakan, the Rohingya, still continue to be deprived of the most basic human rights. Previously we have reported on the boycott of Rohingya trade, the terrible living conditions of the Rohingya forced to live in the IDP camps, and the wanton attacks and killing of men, women and children- for no...

Rohingya Update: No Rule of Law, Aid Blocked, Orchestrated 3rd Wave of Violence Draws Near


Another urgent report has been sent to us by our sources in Arakan today.

Yet another five houses have been burnt down in Maungdaw, as recently as the early hours of this morning. Despite the urgency of safeguarding the people Arakan and the dire lack of rule of law in the land, no action is taken against the perpetrators of crimes against the Rohingya.

Rohingya Update: Arson Attacks, Extortion & Threat of Third Massacre


Despite the media spotlight waning, the suffering in Arakan continues. Our source in the region once again details the living nightmare they endure everyday, and in particular the way in which law enforcers are deliberately reluctant to act upon a crime inflicted on the Rohingya, and choose not to convict the Rakhine.

Restless Beings works with YOU*th Inspire Enlighten Change 2013!


Restless Beings teamed up with YOU*th Inspire for a day of inspiration and engagement. YOU*th Inspire is an educational initiative seeking to nurture a voice of change amongst the younger generation. The movement seeks to inspire young people to creatively engage with a broad spectrum of diverse issues, including the rule of law, human rights and current affairs.